Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Skinks are a type of lizard. There are 3 types of reptile in New Zealand: Skinks ,Geckos and Tuatara. A skinks feet is not sticky but a gecko's foot is. That  because skinks stay on the ground and geckos have sticky feet to help them climb.    

Skinks can grow up to  140 mm long with no till enclosed. They don't count the till because it can come of when they in danger,but it grow back again.

Skink live in all sorts of places. Some live in rock places and beaches and ,boshes some  even live in snow. Skink can os camfrog in their habitat.  

Skinks eat all sort  of food they  eat insects, bugs and spiders. Not all skinks eat meet  some eat fruits, berries and plums.

Now I know about Skink I like them. I think the are interesting know but not before.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This is my Worlde of the book I have been reading could A New Home for mokmoko.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Jonathan Olympics 2012

In the weekend I was watching the Olympics on TV It was cool  watching  the  hockey . Last night it was NZ vs Belgium. New Zealand good at hockey. There was a man who got a good Try . 

Usain Bolt he beat the world record by nine seconds he's the man At running he is the fastest man in the world. He didn't look like he was sprinting his fastest but he still wins . 

New Zealand has 3  golds , and,4 bronze. But no silvers.
We are beating Australia in the Olympics. China is winning