Friday, March 28, 2014

Mother Teresa

  Mother Teresa           

Mother Teresa was a very good person she help the world by doing good things all over the world she help . Mother Teresa was born in August 26 1910 in Skopje the republic of Macedonia. When she was 36 years old she wanted to help the poor of India. Feb 19, 2008 - Mother Teresa went back helper and worked hard to help people.

Evan know people say that Mother Teresa changed the world because she was
a big help to the world.Some people say that Mother Teresa did not believe
in god because he didn't fix problem for other people.
and he didn't do anything to help.So she did what god is meant to be doing

help people That need help.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

pentagons maths week 8

8.4 - 2.9=55         7.5 - 6.2=1.1         9.8 - 49= 39.2       15.3 - 77=61.7      12.6 - 3.8=8.8
   +0.1                            +0.2                            +0.1                  +0.3                       +0.2                       
8.5 - 30=55          7.3 - 6.2= 1.1         9.9 - 50=39.2       15.6 - 80=61.7       12.8-40=8.8                                                 

6.3 - 2.8=35          11.6 - 47= 35.1       17.4 -2.8= 14.6     7.5- 5.1= 2.4        8.3 - 2.9=5.4
    +0.2                         +0.3                              +0.2                        -0.1                     +0.1                      
6.5 - 30=35            11.9 - 47=35.1       17.6 - 30=14.6       7.6 - 5.0=2.4        8.4 - 30=5.4                                           

12.7 - 3.1= 18.3      16.3 - 28= 11.7        15.4 - 12.1=3.3        13.4 - 4.3=9.1     15.8 - 39=2.3
    -0.1                          +0.2                                 -0.1                 +0.1                        +0.1                                
12.6 - 3.0=18.3       16.5 - 3.0= 11.7       15.5 - 12.0=3.3        13.5 - 43=9.1      15.9 - 39=2.3                                                               

Monday, March 24, 2014

Jonathan News paper report

Title Warriors VS Dragons

Writer’s name Jonathan

last week there was an NRL game going on last startday in Australia
at suncorp stadium. Suncorp stadium is one of the biggest stadiums in Australia   ‘the teams that were playing where the new zealand Warrior and the St george dragons. At
the start of the game every thought the warriors are going to win
it but the fifteen min but they lost because of their defence.

Paragraph 1: most important point
                     is that no one got injured
Paragraph 2: Next most important point
                    is that the came playharder
                    on the next game

Paragraph 3: Next most important point
                    the other important thing it that
                    the can get more time to trayne

Paragraph 4: Least important point
                  the next most important thing
                   is the the should teach them how to


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Jonathan Roald Dahls W6, School Journal Part 3, Number 3

Leave by Marie Keir
School Journal Part 3, Number 3 2008

Answer the following questions in red

WALT:Use our prior knowledge to apply, analyse and retell events in a story.

Looking at the title of the story and the image on the first page, what is this story about?
I think it about a toy camel

Why didn’t she say that she had missed mums spell?
he didn't say  it because it might be wide.
What did mum put in Jade’s hands? Describe it.
she put a camel in her hands

Where do you think Jade’s mother has come home from?
by looking at what she is wearing and the camel you might think
that she came from egypt

What country do you think this story is set in, what is your reason for this?
by looking it looks like Australia of new zealand.

What does the word inspected mean? Put this into a sentence of your own
it mean someone that goes around the word to help in other countries

Who does peacekeeping for work, what does this mean?
it mean they have a place to look after

Where is Afghanistan, find three facts about this country.
Afghanistan is in the middle east

How do you think Ellie feels that her parents work in these types of occupations, how would you feel? she might be screed That her parent hight get shout
and die if it was me I will tell my mum to not go.


Who was going to pick mum up in the morning? Where is mum going?
the army officer driver at the airport

Looking at the expression on Ellie’s face as her mother packs how do you think she feels? Why?

Why was Jade avoiding the hallway area that creaked when walking to mum and dads room? because her mum was going away

What had Jade hidden? For what reason do you think she hid this?
so her mum doesn't go

What happened when mum woke up and could not find her beret?
she started looking four it

What is mum doing for work, what is she building, why do you think she is building this?
her mum is building a school

Why was dad’s throat moving as if he couldn’t talk? How do you think Jade and her father feel about mum leaving? not happy

Monday, March 10, 2014

Multiplication Weels


         What is
What is empathy, empathy is having feeling for each others and being them.  What we say at our school putting yourself in their shoes not exactly putting yourself in the shoes but by being them and seeing how the feel

What does empathy mean to me. To me empathy mean caring for one another and looking after each other, for an example being kind
you can also show Empathy to you teacher by doing your work and being good
in class and out.

This is how I show empathy so if someone is setting down crying you can show empathy by going down to set with them and takeing to them about what happened,
and if some it in class doing they work and they you can show empathy bay waking
up to the and help if they stuki all of those little thing it all showing empathy,

How would the world be without Empathy,am!!!!!! if you think about it
the world won't be a good place they would be fighting
argument and it might be quite scary and no one well be friends with anyone.
But lucky lee the world isn't like that well be horobi no on will be happy about it.    

I hope know you now what Empathy is if you still don't know what empathy is

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Jonathan pentagon maths questions

A.)3x134=402                             64 ÷4=16      
3x30=90      95 ÷5=19                                          
300+90+12=402 91÷7=13

B.)4x233= 932 95÷5=19
4x30=120 78÷6=13
800+120+12=932 45÷3=15

C.)6x518=3108 96÷8=12





H.)7x 124=868
7x 100=700