Monday, December 16, 2013

Farewell year 8

Being in Rm 19 has been a very fun year and a very good year.  It is one of my favourite classes that I have been in.

Next year I am going to miss all of the people that are going to different schools mostly the year eights they are fun to play with.  I like playing hand ball with them.

I cant wait until I am a year eight next year.  I cant wait until I play heaps of sports next year it going to be fun.  Mostly Rugby, NRL and basketball. Its going to be so fun and cool

Miss Tito has been a very good teacher this year she have taught me a lot of Maori and all sorts of songs and mihimihi.  Miss Tito has made this year the best.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Action world

Last week on Friday all of as year sevens at Pt England school  went to action world.
Will the year eights where at camp the year seven and eight teachers
decided we should have our on year seven day out.
so they decided that we should go to Action world.

Action world is a
place in wast Auckland were kids have fun playing and jump around.
we went at 8.00, we got their around ten o'clock, so we hand two hours
of playing. We Came back When it was lunchtime

The thing that I liked the most their was the jump and slide, the jump and slide is a cores with a step slide and  and a big tall thing that you jump on .
I like it because the slide was fast as and scary.

my list favourite thing was the big tramp because I fall of and landed on my face.
it was a really fun day.

nelson mandela

Nelson Mandela was born on july 18, 1918 he was a polateshion. 
he went in jail for believes  that every one had the 
right to do some thing no matter how the look like. or of the colour of they skin.

Nelson Mandela went to jail in 1964 he stayed their for  twenty-seven year
evan that he was right and the people how put him in jail where 
rong when he got out of jail he wasn't angry at them.  

What you problee didn't know about Nelson Mandela is that he was
a boxer  he wasn't a professional boxer but he did boxing   

Nelson Mandela was born in 1918. he was prison from 1962 to 1990 . He became president of south Africa in 1984 and retired in 1999.

Nelson Mandela  died on sunday. and he well be know as a  world hero.
they will be a lot of  

net book Reflection

My net book has help my learning this year on the internet,
when I am tipping words that I don't know how to sepal it teaches me how to sepal it.

I learned how to use a calculator on the net on the net by my self.
and I learned how to go on all defernt kind of maths sits all over Google.

I learned how to do maths on-line like Maths Whizz,Xtra Math and Study ladder.
This year I me friend to me how to Vbom in the pool and swim fast.
 this year tort Nathaniel how to do dragons and play hand ball.

I have grown my maths by using math whizz, xtrmaths and studyladder .