Monday, December 16, 2013

Farewell year 8

Being in Rm 19 has been a very fun year and a very good year.  It is one of my favourite classes that I have been in.

Next year I am going to miss all of the people that are going to different schools mostly the year eights they are fun to play with.  I like playing hand ball with them.

I cant wait until I am a year eight next year.  I cant wait until I play heaps of sports next year it going to be fun.  Mostly Rugby, NRL and basketball. Its going to be so fun and cool

Miss Tito has been a very good teacher this year she have taught me a lot of Maori and all sorts of songs and mihimihi.  Miss Tito has made this year the best.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Action world

Last week on Friday all of as year sevens at Pt England school  went to action world.
Will the year eights where at camp the year seven and eight teachers
decided we should have our on year seven day out.
so they decided that we should go to Action world.

Action world is a
place in wast Auckland were kids have fun playing and jump around.
we went at 8.00, we got their around ten o'clock, so we hand two hours
of playing. We Came back When it was lunchtime

The thing that I liked the most their was the jump and slide, the jump and slide is a cores with a step slide and  and a big tall thing that you jump on .
I like it because the slide was fast as and scary.

my list favourite thing was the big tramp because I fall of and landed on my face.
it was a really fun day.

nelson mandela

Nelson Mandela was born on july 18, 1918 he was a polateshion. 
he went in jail for believes  that every one had the 
right to do some thing no matter how the look like. or of the colour of they skin.

Nelson Mandela went to jail in 1964 he stayed their for  twenty-seven year
evan that he was right and the people how put him in jail where 
rong when he got out of jail he wasn't angry at them.  

What you problee didn't know about Nelson Mandela is that he was
a boxer  he wasn't a professional boxer but he did boxing   

Nelson Mandela was born in 1918. he was prison from 1962 to 1990 . He became president of south Africa in 1984 and retired in 1999.

Nelson Mandela  died on sunday. and he well be know as a  world hero.
they will be a lot of  

net book Reflection

My net book has help my learning this year on the internet,
when I am tipping words that I don't know how to sepal it teaches me how to sepal it.

I learned how to use a calculator on the net on the net by my self.
and I learned how to go on all defernt kind of maths sits all over Google.

I learned how to do maths on-line like Maths Whizz,Xtra Math and Study ladder.
This year I me friend to me how to Vbom in the pool and swim fast.
 this year tort Nathaniel how to do dragons and play hand ball.

I have grown my maths by using math whizz, xtrmaths and studyladder .  

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


kia ora                                             
Greetings to                                 

us all                                          

kua tae mai
who have

tae mai nei
arrived here


tenei wahi
this place


te ako I te reo Maori
 learn the Maori language

Friday, November 15, 2013

Pod cars

In England they have created new type of cars could Pod car known as future car  they are about twenty of them in the world now. They can go up to 60km per hour.

They are ruined by electric, the are on of the best thing that have been evicted
because you don't need a driver. It takes you wherever you want
it to go.  

Monday, October 21, 2013

Australia vs all blacks

The game was on saturday two days ago in Sydney at forsyth barr stadium at 10:05 pm. Australia played well in the first half possession but it was the All Blacks who led at halftime 30-19 .

In the end however the All Blacks powered over the Australia with Kieran Read scoring a final try to secure their 3rd victory against Australia in 2013,33-41. I think the best player for new zealand was Kieran Read, and
the best player for Australia was Dan Copper. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mother Teresa life

Mother Teresa life

This is all about Mother Teresa and how she  did succeeding things and what she did.                    
Mother teresa was a very good person she help people that did not
have food.

She was born in skopje, republic of macedonia. When she was 36 years old she felt the 
call from God to help the poor of India.   Feb 19, 2008 - mother teresa was a pragmatist, and worked hard to help people, but was no saint, and she was not kind-hearted. ... Doesn't mean she did not do good, just that she was no saint. 6 years ago ... Children's human rights.

Mother teresa was the recipient of nobel peace prize in 1979 and honours.
Mother teresa was beatified toward possible sainthood, giving her title “ Blessed Teresa of Calcutta in the late  2003.
A miracle credited to her intercession is required before she can be recognised as a saint by the Catholic Church.

Admired and respected by many, she has also been accused of failing to provide medical care or painkillers, misusing charitable money, and maintaining positive relationships with dictators.
Mother teresa was born in a Little flower or a Rosebud or Albanian.
Mother teresa’s father, who was involved in Albanian politics, died in 1919 when she was eight years old.

Mother teresa was born in August 26,1910.

Friday, August 23, 2013

cross country

This week on Thursday  after we had cross country is like a fun run
we had to run around the rugby field down past the farm and around the reserve two times
 I was in team yellow Takitemu. The name Takitemu came from a waka.
The people in it waka were the first to get to stand on new Zealand.   

The little kids went first years one twos up to six went then the year seven girl. I new we are after them
so I start to get ready Mr Burt said  "came up year seven". He told us where we have to run he said  "when the first girl gets to that fence I well say ready sit go then start OK"     

The first girl was coming it was Clowe "ready set go" he said Mose Cleveland and Izaya we going they
fastest. When we got next to the fence they started to get ta yd I went past them the JT went past then
 more than 20 people went past them. When I got to my second lap I saw heaps of people
sliding on the mad Antonio was carved in mad it was funny. I was near the finish line.

I sprinted to the finish line as fast as I can When I got to the finish line I was
so tired that I couldn't feel my legs. I came first JT came second JT was alos in yellow Takitimu
and in thread place was Levi his in Tainui .It was fun


Thursday, July 4, 2013

One big pig & the Three little wolves

Once upon a time there lived the three little wolves. They lived with their
mother and father their names were Jorja and Shayne. Their children were growing up and were getting annoying so their parents told them to find their own houses. They packed up their belongings and set off to live in the woods.

While they were walking through the woods they found straws, sticks and bricks. They used it to make their own houses. The first little wolf Mosa was lazy and wanted to go and play so he builds his house out of straw. The second little wolf Sonny wasn't as lazy as he built his out of sticks. The third little wolf Anthony was the smartest and he was the hard worker he builds his house out of bricks.

Then they heard a stomping noise from out in the woods. They went outside to see what was out there. They saw the one big pig his name was Kori-lee. He tried to eat them so the three little wolves were moaning about what they should do to escape the one big pig. They shut their doors and talked about it. The big pig begins attacking their houses, first he attacks Mosa house first by blowing it down. Then the first little wolf Mosa runs to the second little wolves house. So the pig got angry because he was hungry.

He then Huffs and puffs and blows down Sonny’s house, so they run hard out to the third little wolf’s house which was Anthony’s house. The pig follows and also attacks the last house. He huffs and puffs but he fails to blow. Then he went up to the top of the chimney and climbed down and he sees them. They put the pot of boiling water under the chimney and lit up the fire. The pig falls into the pot and gets cooked for dinner. They live happily ever after without the big pig because he’s dead.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

NRL skills

On thursday room 19 has been going for NRl skills. NRL is another way of
saying rugby League .Rugby League is just like rugby but some of the
rules are different.

When we go for are rugby League drills we start with a warm .In most of our warm ups we
do running around it fun . The we start our League skills, we don't play the realy game because we need mouthguards so instead we kick the ball around and punt it and more I like going for NRL drealls.     

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Zac power

The book I am reading is zac power test drive. It’s about Zac
and his family.  He worked as an agent his whole family were agents.  They had to stop the evil group called GIB.  They steal things.
One day Zac and his mum and dad were having dinner then zac went to get a cookie. In the cookie they was a disk. And on the disk it said top secret G.I.B. Zac didn't know what it was.  
saw zac put it into his spypad.  The spypad was like a
mobile phone and a computer with games.

Zac knew he had to stop the evil spy group called GIB but he had a rest. Zac was on his board in the water. He was waiting for a big wave to ride. The wave was coming and he started to paddle.
just as he did a jet ski whooshed up beside him the jet ski splashed
water everywhere.

Friday, May 17, 2013

zac power

The book I am reading is zac power test drive. It about him and the
and his family his worked was as an agent his whole family were agents. they had to stop the evil group called GIB and they stealed things.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

maths whizz and xtamath

Last week on monday our class started math whizz and xtramath
math whizz is where we go to do math and tastes group of maths  and shapes and more.

xtramath is different to math whizz. On xtramath you have time you get two seconds the one second. we do places,takeaways and others it was fun.
I like it better than math whizz.


Last week on Thursday we had a big surprise, we didn't even know who was coming all we knew was that it was someone famous. I was in the hip hop so we were the last people to know who was coming, whoever it was we had to dance in front of them.

Miss M walked in and said it was Will.I.Am from the black eyed peas. We were so surprised to dance in front of him. As we were dancing the song stopped and restarted over it was funny because the music came back on. But the good thing was that it didn't stop again.  

After our dance we went and sat down. Then he started to tell as about how he was raised and that he never saw his dad. He lived with his mum.

Then after he finished talking about his family he gave us a $100,000 cheque to help our Manaiakalani trust. Then we sang our school song and we went back to class.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Last Term Mrs Tito tolled as to put a paper on our backs and everyone in the classroom had to write something good and something positive on they back.

I did have that much. Saw this term Room 19 was putting a paper on they back again to finish of last term on and everyone in the class did it again I had lots of thing.Like  you brother so awesome,you a good friend,you have a great family and more it was fun doing this. I hope we do this next year or next term.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Jonathan scary storys

On friday night after school me and Nathaniel walked down to the movies.  
The movie we were going to watch was pose in boots. But because we were late and pose in boots was finish and the movie after that was paranormal activity four.
because it was the only movie left and the movies we going to close.

Just after watching paranormal activity four we were getting ready to go home. We went to the toilets first .When we had finished we went back on our way home  But the movie gates were closed so we talk the grave way. people say that it hunted.

As we were walking we so some think move we thought it was a cat . But as we got far it was right next to as. It looked like a zombie  but likely they was a big rock in front of as. We got it and thought It did not go that far  because it was have it just got it lags. It screamed ahahahahahahahahah “stop” I said “I now the voyce”. We went back to have a look it was old Mr on eye. he had just come back from the movie  and he got locked out too just like as. We walked with him all the way home.                


Friday, April 5, 2013

hip hop group

After lunch for the past five week every in our school has bean going for FIA FIA. The group I'm in is hip hop. I like hip hop because it got lots of cool moves and lost of tricks.  

The people that teach as are Narail and  Miss V. Narail is the one that teach as the moves and Miss V plays the music and puts as In places. Now we are finish the song and  next week we are going to start learn  how too get on and of the stag.     

Triathlon day

On wednesday our class went to the top filled for our class Triathlon with Room 12. Room 12  girls went first .They slide on the slide around four
times. Then they ride the bike around the hole filled. Then they did the bike and the were dane.

Then it was the Room 12 boy the did the sliding then,  then the biking and the running.. After all the people were finished it was room 19 boy that was as.

We did it in our school uniform because we didn't bring our togs. We start   our sliding then our bike and the running Anthony nearly the finish line I ran and he ran but I bat him. The it was me and mosa  I was running as fast as I can and so was he. He ran and I ran and we both went past the finish line at the same time.       

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

waving at Omaaru creek

Last week on friday our class Room 19 walked down to Oamaru creek.
We went there because we were going to pick some harakeke (flax) .
When we got there we got a partner.

My partner was Silas but because Nathaniel did not have a partner he was with as.
Then we went to cut our putiputi flower. When I cutted mine I went back to sit down. It was sticky when you cutted it.

After that  Miss Tito was talking about how you should treat the planet. She said that you should never cart the planet when it is  night time .
because you myet cart the wrong one .You must never cart one of the three family. the dad the mum and the baby. Miss Tito said you should osaw never cut it when it is raining. Because when you cut when it is  rain water goes in the planet and the planet die.

Then when we were finished we came back to school to start the wiveing it was really hard.I was  nearly finished then it was lunchtime saw I stopped. it was cool.     

Friday, March 15, 2013

Reading with room nine

On Tuesday our class, Room 19 goes to the library. We go to the library for a reason.We go to teach Room 9 to read .

When we got to the library we got a buddy to read with from Room 9. I got my brother David then we went outside to read. The book we were reading was called Just Dog. I read first then it was David's turn. When we were finished reading we went back .

Just when we were about to start reading we had to come back to class  because school was finish and it was home time. it was fun reading with Room 9.        

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Once upon a time there was a little dragan called Nairy. He lived on a planet called Nabreruuu. It was a very hot planet years ago this planet was a very peaceful planet until the the master dragon invented the Tarabull. He named it the Tarabull for a reason but only he knew what would happen.

He said that it would make the planet even better than what it was. But the little dragon didn't trust him because he overheard him talking to some but taking over the planet. He knew what would happen but that police took him for not trusting the master. But he was right the master had planned to kill all the dragons and the wolf and other animals take over the planet. The thing he invented was a bom. Just when he was about when the bomb was about to  BLOW!! 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 it stopped the little dragon had sneaked out of jail he had saved the day.

He was so small that he could fit right thro the jail bars.Then the police came and take the master to jail and everyone lived happily ever after.           

Pt England school picnic

On Friday our school went to Pt England beach for our school picnic. 

When we got to the beach Mosa and I went down to the sand to dig a big hole Mosa was a good digger. After that I went back up  to play touch rugby It was fun I got one try.

After that I went down to the beach to make a sand Castle. Then we started putting sand in our shoes it was cool and fun. When I went back up I saw some people playing softball I went and played for five or ten minutes then it got boring so I went and found some people playing tag.

Then we started playing NRL. It was fun more fun than tag and touch. While we were playing I dumped Shayne and I got kicked out. Then I went back to the beach feeling sad, but I got bored.

I went back to touch. When I was playing touch, I stepped on a piece of glass. So I went and got a plaster. I played touch for so long that I missed out on swimming. 

I went back to the beach as I was waking down the beach I saw some people singing, Aoure and I went to join in but we were singing a song that we didn't now so we just ran away. 

Then we played around for 20 more minutes. Then we came back to school. When we got back to school it was home time.        

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Learning about compassion

What is compassion? This year  pt england is learning to be better  together kia pai te kotahi. In Room 19 we have been investigating love, compassion ,honesty and tolerance.Ms Tito our teacher gave us a task to select one of these words to write about  these  things  are to help us understand ourselvers and others so we can be a better person today and in the future

My group chose the word tolerance here is our definition and example of what it
look like.

Tolerance means helping people that look different and treat them the way you would
like to be treated.       

Monday, February 11, 2013

I am

I am good at NRL I play for the school

I play for the school

I Like rugby I like playing winger

 I like playing winger

music is my thing but I am not that good

I am not that good

I play basketball Mr Noa coche

Mr Noa coche

I like running but some people are to fast

but some people are to fast

maths is my favorite activate because it fun

because it fun

About Me Blurb Rm 19

Hi my name is Jonathan. I am a year 7 at Pt England school. The subject I like the most is Maths. The sports I am Interested in is rugby and basketball. My favorite sportsman is Sonny Bill Williams.