Monday, April 15, 2013

Jonathan scary storys

On friday night after school me and Nathaniel walked down to the movies.  
The movie we were going to watch was pose in boots. But because we were late and pose in boots was finish and the movie after that was paranormal activity four.
because it was the only movie left and the movies we going to close.

Just after watching paranormal activity four we were getting ready to go home. We went to the toilets first .When we had finished we went back on our way home  But the movie gates were closed so we talk the grave way. people say that it hunted.

As we were walking we so some think move we thought it was a cat . But as we got far it was right next to as. It looked like a zombie  but likely they was a big rock in front of as. We got it and thought It did not go that far  because it was have it just got it lags. It screamed ahahahahahahahahah “stop” I said “I now the voyce”. We went back to have a look it was old Mr on eye. he had just come back from the movie  and he got locked out too just like as. We walked with him all the way home.                


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