Thursday, September 27, 2012

Evan Spider and Jonathan

Spider eat all sort of food they eat insects and even other spiders.Biting is what a spider does when it is annoyed.Ahah is what my brother said when he sees a spider get that away.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Olympic Day

Yesterday we had a olympic day. Everyone in the school went  years one,twos,three all the way up two years seven and eight. We got in different cantree. I was hoping to be in Jamaica because most of the fast runner in the world are Jamaicans. But I wasn't I was in Romania.  

I liked the Olympic day because we played game. We played  all sort game. Sting volley, handball and other spots. My favorite sport was tach I liked playing tach because I got two tries. It was a really fun sport, and we won.                                  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The evell shark attack

Last week on Sunday I went to the beach with my friends. When we were swimming we saw some thing then it was quiet too quiet I knew something was wrong. Something was moving in the water.  Kyal was still in the water swimming.

I looked around I saw a giant shadow it seemed that it was getting closer and closer It  jumped Kyal screamed like a little girl as the big giant shark with giant sharp teeth. got his legs and bit then yum the shark eats Kyal's legs. a men came a sort the shark

Then a man came he went to his car and was getting something Bum, the shark was deid. The men his short the shark and Kyal is saved. This man his saved kyal's life. Kyal was caved with bled. he had to got to the doctors.            

The morale of the story is Don't ever go to the beach when they is no one to look after you. go with someone big     

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mrs Verry

Hi Miss I  we will miss you. I hope your leg gets better. And I hop you can came back and visit as. Will never forget you Mrs Verry.

Came back for a visit. Don't forget to come back next year Mrs Verry. Your are a great teacher. I will miss you. You're the best teacher in the word. By I will really miss you and don't forget me and sometimes came and visit as.