Thursday, May 23, 2013

Zac power

The book I am reading is zac power test drive. It’s about Zac
and his family.  He worked as an agent his whole family were agents.  They had to stop the evil group called GIB.  They steal things.
One day Zac and his mum and dad were having dinner then zac went to get a cookie. In the cookie they was a disk. And on the disk it said top secret G.I.B. Zac didn't know what it was.  
saw zac put it into his spypad.  The spypad was like a
mobile phone and a computer with games.

Zac knew he had to stop the evil spy group called GIB but he had a rest. Zac was on his board in the water. He was waiting for a big wave to ride. The wave was coming and he started to paddle.
just as he did a jet ski whooshed up beside him the jet ski splashed
water everywhere.

Friday, May 17, 2013

zac power

The book I am reading is zac power test drive. It about him and the
and his family his worked was as an agent his whole family were agents. they had to stop the evil group called GIB and they stealed things.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

maths whizz and xtamath

Last week on monday our class started math whizz and xtramath
math whizz is where we go to do math and tastes group of maths  and shapes and more.

xtramath is different to math whizz. On xtramath you have time you get two seconds the one second. we do places,takeaways and others it was fun.
I like it better than math whizz.


Last week on Thursday we had a big surprise, we didn't even know who was coming all we knew was that it was someone famous. I was in the hip hop so we were the last people to know who was coming, whoever it was we had to dance in front of them.

Miss M walked in and said it was Will.I.Am from the black eyed peas. We were so surprised to dance in front of him. As we were dancing the song stopped and restarted over it was funny because the music came back on. But the good thing was that it didn't stop again.  

After our dance we went and sat down. Then he started to tell as about how he was raised and that he never saw his dad. He lived with his mum.

Then after he finished talking about his family he gave us a $100,000 cheque to help our Manaiakalani trust. Then we sang our school song and we went back to class.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Last Term Mrs Tito tolled as to put a paper on our backs and everyone in the classroom had to write something good and something positive on they back.

I did have that much. Saw this term Room 19 was putting a paper on they back again to finish of last term on and everyone in the class did it again I had lots of thing.Like  you brother so awesome,you a good friend,you have a great family and more it was fun doing this. I hope we do this next year or next term.