Thursday, May 16, 2013


Last week on Thursday we had a big surprise, we didn't even know who was coming all we knew was that it was someone famous. I was in the hip hop so we were the last people to know who was coming, whoever it was we had to dance in front of them.

Miss M walked in and said it was Will.I.Am from the black eyed peas. We were so surprised to dance in front of him. As we were dancing the song stopped and restarted over it was funny because the music came back on. But the good thing was that it didn't stop again.  

After our dance we went and sat down. Then he started to tell as about how he was raised and that he never saw his dad. He lived with his mum.

Then after he finished talking about his family he gave us a $100,000 cheque to help our Manaiakalani trust. Then we sang our school song and we went back to class.

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