Tuesday, March 26, 2013

waving at Omaaru creek

Last week on friday our class Room 19 walked down to Oamaru creek.
We went there because we were going to pick some harakeke (flax) .
When we got there we got a partner.

My partner was Silas but because Nathaniel did not have a partner he was with as.
Then we went to cut our putiputi flower. When I cutted mine I went back to sit down. It was sticky when you cutted it.

After that  Miss Tito was talking about how you should treat the planet. She said that you should never cart the planet when it is  night time .
because you myet cart the wrong one .You must never cart one of the three family. the dad the mum and the baby. Miss Tito said you should osaw never cut it when it is raining. Because when you cut when it is  rain water goes in the planet and the planet die.

Then when we were finished we came back to school to start the wiveing it was really hard.I was  nearly finished then it was lunchtime saw I stopped. it was cool.     

Friday, March 15, 2013

Reading with room nine

On Tuesday our class, Room 19 goes to the library. We go to the library for a reason.We go to teach Room 9 to read .

When we got to the library we got a buddy to read with from Room 9. I got my brother David then we went outside to read. The book we were reading was called Just Dog. I read first then it was David's turn. When we were finished reading we went back .

Just when we were about to start reading we had to come back to class  because school was finish and it was home time. it was fun reading with Room 9.        

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Once upon a time there was a little dragan called Nairy. He lived on a planet called Nabreruuu. It was a very hot planet years ago this planet was a very peaceful planet until the the master dragon invented the Tarabull. He named it the Tarabull for a reason but only he knew what would happen.

He said that it would make the planet even better than what it was. But the little dragon didn't trust him because he overheard him talking to some but taking over the planet. He knew what would happen but that police took him for not trusting the master. But he was right the master had planned to kill all the dragons and the wolf and other animals take over the planet. The thing he invented was a bom. Just when he was about when the bomb was about to  BLOW!! 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 it stopped the little dragon had sneaked out of jail he had saved the day.

He was so small that he could fit right thro the jail bars.Then the police came and take the master to jail and everyone lived happily ever after.           

Pt England school picnic

On Friday our school went to Pt England beach for our school picnic. 

When we got to the beach Mosa and I went down to the sand to dig a big hole Mosa was a good digger. After that I went back up  to play touch rugby It was fun I got one try.

After that I went down to the beach to make a sand Castle. Then we started putting sand in our shoes it was cool and fun. When I went back up I saw some people playing softball I went and played for five or ten minutes then it got boring so I went and found some people playing tag.

Then we started playing NRL. It was fun more fun than tag and touch. While we were playing I dumped Shayne and I got kicked out. Then I went back to the beach feeling sad, but I got bored.

I went back to touch. When I was playing touch, I stepped on a piece of glass. So I went and got a plaster. I played touch for so long that I missed out on swimming. 

I went back to the beach as I was waking down the beach I saw some people singing, Aoure and I went to join in but we were singing a song that we didn't now so we just ran away. 

Then we played around for 20 more minutes. Then we came back to school. When we got back to school it was home time.