Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pt England school picnic

On Friday our school went to Pt England beach for our school picnic. 

When we got to the beach Mosa and I went down to the sand to dig a big hole Mosa was a good digger. After that I went back up  to play touch rugby It was fun I got one try.

After that I went down to the beach to make a sand Castle. Then we started putting sand in our shoes it was cool and fun. When I went back up I saw some people playing softball I went and played for five or ten minutes then it got boring so I went and found some people playing tag.

Then we started playing NRL. It was fun more fun than tag and touch. While we were playing I dumped Shayne and I got kicked out. Then I went back to the beach feeling sad, but I got bored.

I went back to touch. When I was playing touch, I stepped on a piece of glass. So I went and got a plaster. I played touch for so long that I missed out on swimming. 

I went back to the beach as I was waking down the beach I saw some people singing, Aoure and I went to join in but we were singing a song that we didn't now so we just ran away. 

Then we played around for 20 more minutes. Then we came back to school. When we got back to school it was home time.        

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