Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jonathan WALT Use the strategy Multiplication in Parts with larger numbers

Jonathan from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Jonathan Get Ready to Roll by Bronwen Wall

Identifying the key features of of wheelchair rugby:

What are all of the sports that are important in our community in Pt England and around Glen Innes/ Panmure? rugby, touch, rugby league, football, netball, cricket and baseball

How does the title of the text and the images we see on page 26, support one another?

Identify the meaning of the following words:
Quadriplegia: when you broke the top bite of your spyin
paralysed: you can't move most parts of your body like your legs
Stable: balancing you have balance
Bumper: it is a think you can put on your wheelchair
Designed: made or created
Anti-tip castors:
Classified: updated
Swap out: to do a big hit on someone
Paralympics: olympics for paralysis people

How is it the same as other sports? How is it different?
Why do you think these differences are important?
Why would wheelchair rugby be limited to players with quadriplegia only?
because it would not be far if a person without quadriplegia played he would
be too good for the people with quadriplegia

What moves in rugby are most likely to result in a broken neck?
How could rule changes make it safer?
Why would someone who has already broken their neck want to keep on playing rugby?
lifting when tackling should stop and line out when they lift someone in the air

Refer back to page 29. Which players would have most movement?
Why is arm movement tested? Why do you think arm movement is so important?
Would a player with a high neck break be able to do more or less than someone with a lower break? because if it high then it would affect the things at the bottom but
if it low than it would affect

How did you work out what Curtis means when he says, “No other team trains like we do”? How did you know that? What helped you? he means they team trains more than any team

Monday, August 25, 2014

Life education

This term on the first week of  term three we have been attended  our first lessons at
the life education caravan. The Life education caravan is a big caravan thats
goes to schools all over New Zealand but this time its at our school pt england,class by class goes in the caravan
to learn about becoming a better person in life.
We go once every week
to learn about things that are bad for you and how this things can affect your body. We also watch video of people that were affected by drugs and drinking.

Did you know that people that frist try out drug become addicted to drugs and alcohol.
People that take drug start getting mentaleshous,then go hospital. Most time its people that start drugs at a young age in college that get addicted to drugs. Know we are finished with life education but we have learned more about things that can affect your body and life.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Jonathan maths thinkboard

rugby league rules

WALT: actively seek to extend my vocab + + +

Are you Explain Ready?
its like remembering something
playing for a team
it mean and
that means fan people that watch the game
the instructions of the game
where u sleep
the person that trains u
Finding and using information
Make notes (dot and jot) about the history of the game of Rugby League
  •  first new zealand team was in 1907
  • the first team didn't play in new zealand
  • the first team had 49 game won 29 and drow 3 they had never played rugby league
  • kiwis won the 2008 world cup
  • it is more than 100 years  since rugby league started  was frist played

Can you find out anything else from another source? Copy and paste the URL here.

Use these notes to create a post about the History of League. (try and use some of the new vocab)

Friday, August 15, 2014

rugby seven

Rugby sevens is an international event, similar to rugby union but in
rugby sevens it only seven people on the field.
The game was first played in 1883.
The game starts with a kick of the team with the ball run and tries to score a try
you can pass it to the person at the back of you  you can also pass it flat
that mean that you're not at the back of them ory the front.

When someone is running you can stop Them by tackling then
and all so if you tackle to high then you can get a palnate when you get a palnati the other team can tap or kick
for goal or kick out for more mitter when you kick for goal you're trying get the ball between two post. When you kick out then it a lineout that mines
three people from both team line up and someone from one team that has the ball have to throw it in the middle
of the team if its not straight and it goes to they own team then it the other teams ball or a scrum
but if it goes to the other team then its play on.

A scrum is a big push from both team the team that has the ball pick
someone to go and put the ball in the middle of the scrum when the ball is in between both team
the three people to from both team push compete in the scrum and the have to push over the ball and try to get it on they suayed of the field  

when you play sevens you need boot and a mouth can also where extra things like shoulder pads,head gear and even gloves

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Jonthan life education

This term on the first week of term three we have been going at
life education. The life education caravan is a big caravan thats
at our school. It goes to schools all over New Zealand it at our school this term
at our school pt england,
class by class goes in the caravan
to learn about becoming a better person in life. 

We go once every week
to learn about things that are bad and how this things can affect your body. We also watch
video of people that take drugs and drink and how it affected them.
life education is a good place to learn about life and it fun.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Commonwealth games 2014

The commonwealth games is a gaming event thats
played every four years every year it played in different countries.
But not all countries can take part in this event only the commonwealth
countries can take part and compete in this event.

The event was first played in 1930  played by british man ,woman wont allowed to compete in this event.The games were played by only some countries as the years go by more and more countries joined this gaming event. 

Some countries held the games once,or more some held it plenty of times and most haven't. But this year the games are being held in glasgow. fifty one countries are taking  part in this years games.

A country holds the games by making a bid. In this year games 
England is coming first with 174 medal and Australia in second please with 137
medals. But new zeal and is coming sixths with 45 medal and 14 golds they 
doing fin.