Friday, August 15, 2014

rugby seven

Rugby sevens is an international event, similar to rugby union but in
rugby sevens it only seven people on the field.
The game was first played in 1883.
The game starts with a kick of the team with the ball run and tries to score a try
you can pass it to the person at the back of you  you can also pass it flat
that mean that you're not at the back of them ory the front.

When someone is running you can stop Them by tackling then
and all so if you tackle to high then you can get a palnate when you get a palnati the other team can tap or kick
for goal or kick out for more mitter when you kick for goal you're trying get the ball between two post. When you kick out then it a lineout that mines
three people from both team line up and someone from one team that has the ball have to throw it in the middle
of the team if its not straight and it goes to they own team then it the other teams ball or a scrum
but if it goes to the other team then its play on.

A scrum is a big push from both team the team that has the ball pick
someone to go and put the ball in the middle of the scrum when the ball is in between both team
the three people to from both team push compete in the scrum and the have to push over the ball and try to get it on they suayed of the field  

when you play sevens you need boot and a mouth can also where extra things like shoulder pads,head gear and even gloves

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