Monday, August 18, 2014

rugby league rules

WALT: actively seek to extend my vocab + + +

Are you Explain Ready?
its like remembering something
playing for a team
it mean and
that means fan people that watch the game
the instructions of the game
where u sleep
the person that trains u
Finding and using information
Make notes (dot and jot) about the history of the game of Rugby League
  •  first new zealand team was in 1907
  • the first team didn't play in new zealand
  • the first team had 49 game won 29 and drow 3 they had never played rugby league
  • kiwis won the 2008 world cup
  • it is more than 100 years  since rugby league started  was frist played

Can you find out anything else from another source? Copy and paste the URL here.

Use these notes to create a post about the History of League. (try and use some of the new vocab)

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