Monday, August 4, 2014

Commonwealth games 2014

The commonwealth games is a gaming event thats
played every four years every year it played in different countries.
But not all countries can take part in this event only the commonwealth
countries can take part and compete in this event.

The event was first played in 1930  played by british man ,woman wont allowed to compete in this event.The games were played by only some countries as the years go by more and more countries joined this gaming event. 

Some countries held the games once,or more some held it plenty of times and most haven't. But this year the games are being held in glasgow. fifty one countries are taking  part in this years games.

A country holds the games by making a bid. In this year games 
England is coming first with 174 medal and Australia in second please with 137
medals. But new zeal and is coming sixths with 45 medal and 14 golds they 
doing fin.

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