Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jonathan Get Ready to Roll by Bronwen Wall

Identifying the key features of of wheelchair rugby:

What are all of the sports that are important in our community in Pt England and around Glen Innes/ Panmure? rugby, touch, rugby league, football, netball, cricket and baseball

How does the title of the text and the images we see on page 26, support one another?

Identify the meaning of the following words:
Quadriplegia: when you broke the top bite of your spyin
paralysed: you can't move most parts of your body like your legs
Stable: balancing you have balance
Bumper: it is a think you can put on your wheelchair
Designed: made or created
Anti-tip castors:
Classified: updated
Swap out: to do a big hit on someone
Paralympics: olympics for paralysis people

How is it the same as other sports? How is it different?
Why do you think these differences are important?
Why would wheelchair rugby be limited to players with quadriplegia only?
because it would not be far if a person without quadriplegia played he would
be too good for the people with quadriplegia

What moves in rugby are most likely to result in a broken neck?
How could rule changes make it safer?
Why would someone who has already broken their neck want to keep on playing rugby?
lifting when tackling should stop and line out when they lift someone in the air

Refer back to page 29. Which players would have most movement?
Why is arm movement tested? Why do you think arm movement is so important?
Would a player with a high neck break be able to do more or less than someone with a lower break? because if it high then it would affect the things at the bottom but
if it low than it would affect

How did you work out what Curtis means when he says, “No other team trains like we do”? How did you know that? What helped you? he means they team trains more than any team

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