Monday, August 25, 2014

Life education

This term on the first week of  term three we have been attended  our first lessons at
the life education caravan. The Life education caravan is a big caravan thats
goes to schools all over New Zealand but this time its at our school pt england,class by class goes in the caravan
to learn about becoming a better person in life.
We go once every week
to learn about things that are bad for you and how this things can affect your body. We also watch video of people that were affected by drugs and drinking.

Did you know that people that frist try out drug become addicted to drugs and alcohol.
People that take drug start getting mentaleshous,then go hospital. Most time its people that start drugs at a young age in college that get addicted to drugs. Know we are finished with life education but we have learned more about things that can affect your body and life.

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