Friday, July 25, 2014

Jonathan Jump Shout

Jump shot by Norman Bilbrough

Profile – The Coach – Kenny McFadden
In your own words give a one sentence answer to each of the following questions.
1. How did Kenny McFadden get into sport when he was young?
His dad coach a gridiron team
2. When did he start the Hoop Club?
1996 he started
3. Is basketball a challenging sport?
not really
4. What is Kenny’s favourite food?
hamburgers Weet bix for breakfast
5. What advice does Kenny have for kids just starting out at basketball?
listen to your coach put in time
6. Where was Kenny McFadden born?

Profile – The Player – ApitiTiHei Maihi
1. In the story, how old and how tall is ApitiTiHei?
13 years
2. What is his favourite food?
junk food and takeaways
3. What does he like best at school, other than playing basketball?
home work and tidying his room
4. How would you describe ApitiTiHei Maihi ? Give reasons for your answer.
a good basketball player and brainy guy

Referring to the text what are the common Basketball Injuries

1. knee injuries
2.fingers injuries
3.leg injuries
Present to Past Tense:  Make the following text past tense by changing the underlined words.
The first game starts with a tip-off between ApitiTiHei and Te Amo, the tallest player in the girl’s team.  The boys get possession and move the ball quickly up the court.
There are two missed shots before ApitiTiHei does a terrific right-handed lay-up and scores the first goal.

What are two skills players learn at Hoop Club?
dribbling & layups
What is dribbling? Why do all players need to practise it?
Dribbling is the mayne thing in basketball
Who won the first game between  the boys and the girls?
the girls won it
What was the reason that this team won?
because the play netball they got shouting skill and passing skill
Coach Kenny McFadden gives advice to his players; write this advice down in a list form.

Why do you think Apiti does not tell anyone about his aims?
If it was hard or easy
“Shoot for the moon, because if you miss you’ll be amongst the stars “
What do you think this quote means?

Create a basketball team of 10 players only.
Your basketball team needs to consist of 10 famous players with different strengths.

You need to justify and state why you have chosen these specific players for your team.

In the holidays

In the holidays all I did was stay at home play songs on you tube and go
on Facebook. It was the worst holiday ever. I only got out of the house
a few times through the inter holidays.

On the first day of the holidays me and Khi Khi ran to Panmure to get Kyal  to go to the pools it was dumb so we decided not to go because, the slide was close.
Day two stayed at home on you tube and face book
day three, four, five, six, seven and eight at home one face book
and you tube. Final comes days nine Logan tells me on face book I will come pick you
up tomorrow to go Sylvia Park, and I said “ok”.We went to pick up Luke then Sione
we were meant to pick up Khi Khi but then we forgot about it.

We trained to Sylvia Park when we got three Login and Luke ditched as
and went to Logan's house in otahuhu. I was left with Soine so we jumped the train back home to Glen innes.