Friday, August 23, 2013

cross country

This week on Thursday  after we had cross country is like a fun run
we had to run around the rugby field down past the farm and around the reserve two times
 I was in team yellow Takitemu. The name Takitemu came from a waka.
The people in it waka were the first to get to stand on new Zealand.   

The little kids went first years one twos up to six went then the year seven girl. I new we are after them
so I start to get ready Mr Burt said  "came up year seven". He told us where we have to run he said  "when the first girl gets to that fence I well say ready sit go then start OK"     

The first girl was coming it was Clowe "ready set go" he said Mose Cleveland and Izaya we going they
fastest. When we got next to the fence they started to get ta yd I went past them the JT went past then
 more than 20 people went past them. When I got to my second lap I saw heaps of people
sliding on the mad Antonio was carved in mad it was funny. I was near the finish line.

I sprinted to the finish line as fast as I can When I got to the finish line I was
so tired that I couldn't feel my legs. I came first JT came second JT was alos in yellow Takitimu
and in thread place was Levi his in Tainui .It was fun