Friday, April 5, 2013

Triathlon day

On wednesday our class went to the top filled for our class Triathlon with Room 12. Room 12  girls went first .They slide on the slide around four
times. Then they ride the bike around the hole filled. Then they did the bike and the were dane.

Then it was the Room 12 boy the did the sliding then,  then the biking and the running.. After all the people were finished it was room 19 boy that was as.

We did it in our school uniform because we didn't bring our togs. We start   our sliding then our bike and the running Anthony nearly the finish line I ran and he ran but I bat him. The it was me and mosa  I was running as fast as I can and so was he. He ran and I ran and we both went past the finish line at the same time.       

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