Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Action world

Last week on Friday all of as year sevens at Pt England school  went to action world.
Will the year eights where at camp the year seven and eight teachers
decided we should have our on year seven day out.
so they decided that we should go to Action world.

Action world is a
place in wast Auckland were kids have fun playing and jump around.
we went at 8.00, we got their around ten o'clock, so we hand two hours
of playing. We Came back When it was lunchtime

The thing that I liked the most their was the jump and slide, the jump and slide is a cores with a step slide and  and a big tall thing that you jump on .
I like it because the slide was fast as and scary.

my list favourite thing was the big tramp because I fall of and landed on my face.
it was a really fun day.

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  1. holly molly that looks cool I want to try that jokes I was there hahaha. I like your
    writing I like your picture and I hope u had a good time that day.


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