Monday, March 10, 2014


         What is
What is empathy, empathy is having feeling for each others and being them.  What we say at our school putting yourself in their shoes not exactly putting yourself in the shoes but by being them and seeing how the feel

What does empathy mean to me. To me empathy mean caring for one another and looking after each other, for an example being kind
you can also show Empathy to you teacher by doing your work and being good
in class and out.

This is how I show empathy so if someone is setting down crying you can show empathy by going down to set with them and takeing to them about what happened,
and if some it in class doing they work and they you can show empathy bay waking
up to the and help if they stuki all of those little thing it all showing empathy,

How would the world be without Empathy,am!!!!!! if you think about it
the world won't be a good place they would be fighting
argument and it might be quite scary and no one well be friends with anyone.
But lucky lee the world isn't like that well be horobi no on will be happy about it.    

I hope know you now what Empathy is if you still don't know what empathy is

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