Monday, March 24, 2014

Jonathan News paper report

Title Warriors VS Dragons

Writer’s name Jonathan

last week there was an NRL game going on last startday in Australia
at suncorp stadium. Suncorp stadium is one of the biggest stadiums in Australia   ‘the teams that were playing where the new zealand Warrior and the St george dragons. At
the start of the game every thought the warriors are going to win
it but the fifteen min but they lost because of their defence.

Paragraph 1: most important point
                     is that no one got injured
Paragraph 2: Next most important point
                    is that the came playharder
                    on the next game

Paragraph 3: Next most important point
                    the other important thing it that
                    the can get more time to trayne

Paragraph 4: Least important point
                  the next most important thing
                   is the the should teach them how to


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