Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In the holidays i want to the pools

Forest I want to pot on my togs.after that I jumped into the big pool. It was coled.Then I want in the Litter pool it was to hot. And then I want to the me dame pool and it was jest writ. Not to hot not to coled and to log and not to smell.
I swim and swim for Ora and Ores. When I got tied I want back home.


  1. Hi jonothan I really liked you picture I like swimming too next time check your spelling.
    From Isara

  2. I Like swimming too. I Like your picture.

  3. Hey Jonathan its me Lorenzo, I went swimming to in the holidays and it was cool. I saw some of my friends. What you need to do is check your spelling.

  4. Hey Jonathan,

    I really like your picture of you swimming in the pools. I really like swimming too. Hopefully next time you can check your spelling. Very cool picture. Can't wait for your next post.



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