Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Frogs have big eyes to help them see food . They are unlike people . These creatures have good eyes. They can see up, down, ahead and on their sides at the same time.

Frogs use their legs to jump and bounce too. Some frogs use their legs to climb trees and to swim.

They have long tongues to help them get food but tadpoles don't have tongues. They don't have tongues because they eat sea food like seaweed. But frog have tongues to help them eat insect.

Because they need to have wet skin, frogs live in water and rivers and ponds. Frogs can also live in trees.

Like most amphibians, frogs eat meat but tadpoles don't eat meat they eat seaweed and other thing in the water. frogs are carnivores and tadpoles are herbavors.

I think all of them eat the same food. Tadpoles and frog seaweed and insect.

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