Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jonathan Art Alive

Today is the first day of  the term and we have a new topic called Art Alive. As are class walked into the hall I soo teachers dressed up like famous Artist.

When we got into the hall  for assembly the first team was team one, they had masks that looked like animals. Mr Buxs was funny  when he was dancing.    

After all of the groups were finnish we went back to class. I liked the assembly because I like Art and the topic we a learning about is Art Alive.    


  1. Hey Jonathan!
    wasn't it funny when Mr BARKS not Mr Bax cried.( change the Bax to Barks please) I liked the greatly detailed picture you created.

    Well keep up the good work Jonathan

  2. Hi Jonathan
    Cool pitcher but that's not how you spell Mr Barks
    name. I like the way you draw the chicken on Mr barks

    keep up the good work.


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