Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Camp at Kawau island

Last week on tuesday we had camp at kawau island. We had to be at school by seven o'clock to get the the bus.When we got to sandspit First we go our bags and to the to the bout then we went to kawau island.

At camp my favorite  activity was kayaking. It was my favorite because we went all the way to the stingray bay I so a big giant stingray. Eren said “don't  go too close to it our it well jump on your kayak”. As we were kayaking a stingray swim past. It tried to jump on the kayak .I waked it on the head  and it swim away.
I liked kayaking because it was scary.

My other favorite  activity was rippa rugby. I like rippa rugby because we versed an easy team. We beat them by lots we had six and they had  two. They only had one person that was good and that was Shayne. I thought it was Shayne because he did not drop the ball as much as the others.

Then one friday we had to came back to school. It wasn't much fun coming back after all the fun.I wanted to stay at kawau island. But the good thing is that we are going  going camp next year.

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