Monday, February 10, 2014

Movie in the park

Last week on Saturday my friends and I went to Point England reserve.
We went Because there was a movie in the park their. The movie was wreck it ralph
its about a game could fix it Felix jr.

My friend Eshra was riding a scooter then the police man walked up to him and said
“where did you get this scooter from” I said it our friends ,Ben then he asked
as were we live. The he wrote our names and took pictures of our faces.

He said this scooter might be stolen. Then he said “If its not stolen I will bring it to you”

Then he said “I don't want to ever see you two ever again”. You can go know.

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  1. Sup Jonathan Movies in the park was fun. We didn't No that the scooter was stolen. My best bit in Wreck it ralph is the bit when The little girl who wanted to race won the last round and the bad guy is the king he turns into a big ugly Spider it looks like. Keep up the good work .. From Logan :)


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