Monday, May 19, 2014

Jonathan Sound explanation template:

Where sound initially starts from?
Where do the vibration go?
What does our brain do and how is it involved in this process?
What happens after? What happens in the end?
How we have different types of sounds?

You body will begin here:
Sound waves can travel through the air. It is also like tiny waves or ripple that you can make when you throw a rock into the water or pond. Animals like bats can use sounds to track them through the dark night.
Where does sound come from, sound comes from things when thinks vibrate
it makes sound four

The world without sound would not be such a good place it would be dell
and we will not be able to talk to each others for an example If a car was come fast on full speed from behind you wouldn't be able to
hear it, and we will all be doing  sign language.

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