Wednesday, October 24, 2012

JonathanAgree or Disagree - These boots are made for walkin'

Would the Author Agree OR Disagree?

LI: I am learning to use the book and what I know to help me decide whether the author would agree or disagree with the sentences.
Sentence/StatementWould the Author:
Agree OR Disagree?
Evidence and Page Number
Mary had a blue lamb, its fleece was blue as a blueberry.
Disagree.“Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow” - Page 2.
Room 8 are designing shoes in class.agreethese are just some of the room  came up with
The students had to be able to walk in the shoes they made.agreebut remember you have to be able to walk in the shoes
Room 8 studied all kinds of footwear.agree studied all kind of foot
They didn’t have to make a list of what they needed, they just gathered them.agreethey made a list of all the different material
Cheyanne didn’t like the soft, fluffy material.disagreeI like soft fluffy material
Cheyanne made cloud shoes with purple ribbon.agree I am going to make cloud shoes  
Tom decided he wouldn’t use sponge rubber to make his shoes.disagreetom created springy shoe of thick pieces of sponge rubber

Blogging: Take a screenshot of your work and post it to your blog with a few sentences explain what you have done. Add a picture of your choice if you like to.

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