Thursday, October 18, 2012

Me poem


I am sporty, friendly and fit

Brother to Jephte

I am a lover of dogs

Who feels happy when it is christmas

Who needs internet to go on my netbook

Who gives presents and toy on birthdays  

Who fears when someone gets a gun and is going to shoot me

Who would like to see someone famous like Usain bolt  

I live in point england    

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  1. HI Jonathan,
    Your Poem is very interesting. I like dogs too! I think one thing you forgot to mention was that you're really fast. One day, you'll be as fast as Usain Bolt! And more well known than him. Although I like your writing, there are a few things I would suggest you work on. Like: word endings, toys instead of toy. But other than that! Great Job! KEEP IT UP!!


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