Friday, March 2, 2012

On Monday morning I wake up felling tired. Go to school go on my nett book.Then the bell ring.Then it is class time.We do Writing and Reading.Then we go to launch time I play and play then it is two clock launch is Finish go back to class. Then it is home time.

When I get home I go on the computer then I go to which TV then go back to the computer and play games. My fever it game is King of fighters. Then go back to the TV then go back to bed.

On Tuesday we do the same work as Monday we do writing reading and math.But we do not do the same thing at play time and launch time. At morning tea we play Arne game we play man haunt and other game. We do the same games at launch time we go back to class.

Then it is home time.When I go home I went to homework. When I got back home I played rugby.

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