Thursday, March 1, 2012

School Picnic

Guess what we did on Friday? The whole school went to the Pt England beach for a picnic.

When we got there I went and played soccer. It was me Mosu and TJ in the seem team vs Wyatt Isara and Jaydan then some other people came to play to.

After that I want and played ripper rugby with Calvin.

When I was finished playing I want and played ripper rugby I want and in the sand we made sand balls and tackling in the saned.

After that we came back to school.And school was finish it was home time.


  1. Well done for putting the different ideas into different paragraphs.

  2. Hey Jonathan! What a cool blog post .One thing that I really liked about your writing is that you didn't talk about two things in one paragraph awesome. Also the picture , you know I know that you are an artistic boy.

    By Esrah


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