Monday, March 5, 2012

The Pet day problem

1. Why did Josh hate pet days? he didn't have a pet

2. Why can’t Josh have a pet with fur? because Dad and Sarah are allergic

3. What is a pet rock? Look on google images to find out, then explain in your is a little rock that is pitied

4. What did Mum promise? that josh well have a pet

5. Why can’t he have a pet tuatara? because it has fur

6. How are Josh’s pets being delivered to him? (page 5). they ware posted out to him

7. Why did Josh win a prize at pet day? for having the most useful pets

8. What do worms do that are useful? Look at the video to help you answer this question.
You can search and look at other worm farm videos as well - do your own search then click on ‘videos”

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